JR Design is the London-based design company founded and managed by Jane Ormsby Gore.

Jane's style is the product of her experience. She grew up in a series of classic English country houses followed by a spell in Washington DC where her father was a British Ambassador. The Lutyens-designed Embassy house, combined with the experience of living in America, opened Jane's eyes to new influences and ideas.

Upon her return to England, Jane worked with the antiques dealer Christopher Gibbs and at Vogue magazine before opening her own shop specializing in exquisite home ware. In the late eighties she honed her design skills working with decorator David Mlinaric, one of the many people before and since to be impressed by Jane's acute visual sense and passion for detail.

Today JR Design's team comprises a number of highly talented designers. Who specialize in using color, texture and materials to achieve a balance of beauty and livability with an original twist. Indeed, this ability to create practical homes, rather than just stunning set pieces, is a recurring theme in their work. The interiors rarely draw attention to themselves; instead they endeavour to create an atmosphere of quiet confidence that reflects the life and taste of our client.

JR Design's portfolio of projects range from single room renovations to full project refurbishments. The have established a reputation for working within budgets and delivering designs that exceed even the highest expectation. Effective project management and a talent for making clients comfortable contribute to a design process that is as efficient as it is relaxed.